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Physical Education

Physical Education is a continuation in the PE curriculum of RAS in which students learn the importance of sport and exercise 


Teachers: Tee Qiao Yuin
The Mandarin course is a program designed for students who has no previous knowledge of this language but have strong interest 


Teachers: Carrie O'Donoghue
Visual Art is a foundational course that exposes students to a variety of media. Students acquire and apply skills using the 


Teachers: Jason Bennett
Highschool band is comprised of woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists working together to perform music of various genres. Students will engage 


This course will use the Big History Project framework to weave evidence and insights from many disciplines across 13.8 billion 


Teachers: Owen Caddy
Chemistry This course is a general introduction into Chemistry that will build on material covered in Integrated Science as well as 


Teachers: Stephanie Seretti
This course focuses on the four main standards of the English language, which include Reading: Literature, Reading: Informational Text, Writing, Speaking 
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This course focuses on the four main standards of the…
This course focuses on the four main standards of the…