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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Boarding students will immerse themselves in the school community and take advantage of all extra-curricular activities and the sports available to them. Learning outside the classroom, whether it is on the sports field or in a club or activity, will help students develop social and learning skills for success. Students will be a model for their peers and recognize their unique place in society. Students will also understand the value of social service by giving back to the community through outreach programs and activities, which will enable students to understand their place within society, while understanding the important trait of having humility.

Boarding students will understand and recognize that their own difficulties and challenges are opportunities to grow and reflect on their strengths and maximize their potential. Students will demonstrate a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. The idea of being self–aware is that a student will be able to understand their own limits and areas of growth so that they can challenge themselves and mature.

The boarding environment is a home away from home. Thus, students should enjoy and help create cherished memories that will last for the rest of their lives. While there is always time reserved for academic work, there will also be time for children to enjoy their surroundings and participate in trips and activities that are fun and motivate them to excel. The skills learned during this time are vital in growing as a person and understanding their peers’ character and behavior. This will allow students to grow within friendships and understand the idea of comradery.

For a boarding student to be successful, they should be guided to be independent and accountable for their own actions and progress. Students will understand why the rules are important and how these rules help them to be successful, independent and accountable. Students will be guided to form their own values and morals to live by. It is important that students understand the notion of accountability, whereby actions have consequences, and that mistakes lead to growth and an opportunity to improve on character and behavior.

Boarding students will be given the opportunity, through structured Study Sessions, to focus on their academic achievement. Staff will be on hand to guide to assist students with their academics and encourage students to attend extra lessons the school offers. The Boarding Director will also meet regularly with teachers and staff to have a real-time update on students’ academic progress and arrange meetings with students to assist with goal–setting and action plans in order to improve academic growth. The importance of academic development will be vital for a student, in order to appreciate the progress of their future studies and options for tertiary education.

Boarding students will be exposed to a friendly, caring and nurturing environment. The environment will help to mold each child’s unique character and maintain a safe place of learning and living. Students can approach staff for guidance and advice, and learn to overcome obstacles in a constructive manner. The boarding environment will be structured through specific outings, socials and interactions in order for students to be educated towards the idea of being a holistic learner and nurturing each child’s unique character traits.