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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

No, the Boarding Director and Raffles American School will act as “locos parentis” in consultation with parents.

Yes, a staff member will meet your child at the airport as they exit Departures. We will also arrange a drop -off and check- in for departing flights back home.

Yes, a bus will pick up students at a central point on Sunday afternoon and drop off students on a Friday afternoon.

The Boarding Director meets teachers regularly to receive updates on students’ academic progress and if there are any concerns. The Boarding Director will then liaise with students regarding their academics and strategize programmes to improve performance.

Yes, there is a bus that takes students to the mall every Saturday where students can meet friends and do personal shopping. A staff member will be present at the mall during the course of the trip. Once a month an excursion is planned. This could be to Singapore, the zoo, Legoland or Sentosa Island. There is also a community outreach programme at boarding whereby students will visit a disadvantaged organisation to create a working relationship with the community and give back in various ways.

Yes, students live in single gender boarding houses and may not visit the other boarding houses.

Yes, the Boarding Director believes in an “open door policy” and will reply to emails within 48 hours. Appointments can also be made to see the Boarding Director at any stage of the year.

Yes, the school offers comprehensive medical coverage for boarders in addition to personal coverage. Gleneagles private hospital is a five-minute drive away from RAS.