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Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

7th December 2021

🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶… in boarding!

Boarding Activities

3rd March 2021

The boarding students had a lot of fun playing Twister on Friday night. There are some very supple and coordinated students in the house. Even some of the staff tried it, but with knees and ankles sounding like a bowl of Rice Crispies, that was soon stopped. After that, there was much screaming and shouting going on when the students had a water balloon fight.

On Saturday afternoon, there was a general knowledge quiz, and in the evening, the students had an outdoor activity of radio-controlled car racing. This happened on the grass area outside the boarding houses. Spectators encouraged the drivers through the course that was laid out, and prizes went to the winners.

On Sunday afternoon, students and staff enjoyed “vetkoek” and spicy mince as a snack. Vetkoek is a traditional South African snack that is fried bread dough filled with spicy mince. The students helped cook the mince and the vetkoek and got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

A fun-filled weekend was had by all.

-Mr. Chris

Boarding Weekend Activity-Smores and Resin making

12th December 2020

The students had a lovely weekend of making smores and learning to create and mold different resin items. We look forward to the holidays this coming week and wish all the students and staff a happy holiday.

-Mr. Chris


Boarding Weekend Activity-BBQ

30th November 2020

The boarding students were treated to a lovely BBQ and pool party. It was a fantastic event, and the students enjoyed their time outside the classroom. Many thanks to all staff and especially the cafeteria for arranging all the food. 

-Mr. Chris



Boarding Weekend activities-Basketball and Badminton

22nd November 2020

After the end of the CMCO, we decided to have a “socially distanced” basketball and badminton tournament. It’s so much easier when your backyard is a double gym; the boarding students enjoyed their afternoon on the courts and got some good exercise in too.  

-Mr. Chris


Boarding Weekend Activities

13th -15th November 2020

The boarding students had a great weekend of laughs and smiles. Friday was a “Fear Factor” themed event and Saturday was Pizza making with Mr. and Mrs. B. Always a pleasure to see students smiling and socializing after a long week of CLP. 

-Mr. Chris


Clay Art

18th September 2020

Last week’s activity was “clay art-making” whereby students could pick a superhero or comic character and create a clay model to keep.  There were various groups and the teamwork was very evident. Well done to all the students and staff. 

-Mr. Chris


News to Dress Activity

12th September 2020

The boarding students experienced something different on Friday as we decided to organize a “ News to Dress” activity. The students were given only newspapers, cardboard, and bottles to create a unique outfit.

-Mr. Chris



Weekend Boarding Activities

 4th September 2020

Last weekend was full of fun and excitement, Students participated in a game of “The Floor is Lava”. An obstacle course was made in the common room for students to participate in, delicately stepping onto the course and avoiding the floor at all cost! Additionally, Chef Sara invited our students into the Cafeteria to learn how to cook some delicious pizzas with a wide selection of toppings to choose from.

The activities never end at Raffles American School Boarding!

-Mr. Chris


Weekend Boarding Activities

20th August 2020

In between their regular study, last weekend our boarding students kept busy with both indoor and outdoor activities.

  -Mr. Chris

Games of pool in the boarding common room area was a popular activity with some of our students enjoying the sunshine with Kite Flying on the football field.

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