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Everyone Can _____. One of the many new CCAs this semester at RAS is the Apple – Everyone Can Club. This CCA will guides secondary students through some excellent resources which Apple has made free for teachers and students. RAS is one of the first clubs in the world to offer this after school club dedicated specifically to the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code projects.

The Apple Everyone Can Code resources help students learn the Swift programming language in a fun way which will help them both with Swift and other programming languages in the future. The Everyone Can Create resources help students make the most of the free resources within their laptops as well as explore with iPads.

The Everyone Can Create resource was released in October. Mr. Morrison got special training on these tools during a week-long Apple event this past summer. He learned from the Apple engineers who created the program to most efficiently help students create and express their ideas. The RAS Techsperts CCA students tried some of these activities in October and November. Because of the postive student impressions, we chose to make a dedicated CCA to the ECC iPad activities.

This club meets on Tuesdays and is currently full.

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Everyone Can _____. One of the many new CCAs this…
Everyone Can _____. One of the many new CCAs this…