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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.


Welcome to the RAS Raptors athletic program. The RAS athletic department is excited about our upcoming season and our continued growth and success in becoming an exemplar of the athletic community in Johor, Malaysia, and all of Southeast Asia.


At RAS we believe that sport should, first and foremost, be a fun and social outlet for healthy and safe physical activity. As a supplement to academics, our athletics program strives to mirror RAS’s Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) by developing critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, in addition to fostering discipline and sportsmanship. However, to be a part of the Raptors athletics program is a privilege that is earned and not a right. That means all participants are expected to abide by the rules, policies and philosophy set forth by the RAS Athletic Department, which is for the safety of the students and integrity of the community.


The following Student Athlete/Parent Handbook will serve as a guide and resource to outline the rules, policies and philosophy of the RAS athletics program, as well as highlight our goal of developing the mind, body and spirit of young athletes into healthy, hard working, confident and resilient young adults.


It is necessary that both parents/guardians and student athletes read through the entirety of the handbook and sign the Raptors Pledge when provided by your coach, signifying you understand and agree to the policies and procedures stated within the handbook.